Bearing Strap
Fits 1210/1310/1330 U-Joints


The following parts may be used as alternates for this part:

Neapco 1-0022
Precision 437-10

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U-Joint Series     1210/1310/1330  
Type     Bearing Strap  
Bolt Thread     .250-28  
Bolt Center-Center distance     1.587  
U-Joint Cap Diameter     1.062  
Bolt Length     0.625  
U-Bolt or Strap part number (w/o hardware)     SPI-2-70-59  
Washer part number      
Nut part number      
Bolt part number     SPI-231401  
Tightening Torque (foot-pounds)     13-18  


This part contains the following parts:

SPI-231401 - .250-28 x .625 bolt --


SKU Spicer-2-70-18
Brand Spicer