Fox 2.5" / 3.0" Coil Over Shock Bottom Eyelet 7/8" Thread 2.950" Top Edge To Center Use 5/8" Uniball

It's important to realize that anything 2.5" or greater, regardless of shaft diameter, all have 7/8" thread on the bottom. So for example, if you have a 7/8" shaft, 1" shaft, 1-1/8" shaft or 1-5/8" shaft, they all have 7/8" thread on the bottom.

A common question that we get is, "can any Fox 7/8" threaded eyelet be used on any Fox shock?". It depends on the shaft and how deep the threads are on the eyelet. A Fox 2.0" shock with a 7/8" shaft has a shorter thread on the shaft and the eyelet is threaded shallower than a 2.5" or larger shock. See the example of the thread length on this shaft photo.

You'll also have to consider the size of the uniball when switching between different 7/8" eyelets.

This eyelet uses a 5/8" uniball. It has a 7/8"-14 thread pitch. It has "deep" threads for any shock LARGER THAN a 2.0". It can be used on a Fox bypass, smoothie, or coil over. To use this eyelet on a 3.0" coil over shock you'll have to use 234-00-166 or 234-00-307 bottom spring perch adapters.


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