At some point in your life you may be put into a situation where "holding it" is not an option, or peeing your pants "just happens." Well, the Black Cat is here so you can rightfully do so, but without the soggy, uncomfortable, wet feeling that you haven't had since you were two years old.

With a quick and easy placement, the Black Cat External Catheter allows you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than getting that painful feeling in your gut as if the Old Faithful geyser may erupt at any moment. Your mind is at ease when you can drain the main vein through the long black hose and keep your clothes high and dry.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Self Sealing Latex Catheter
  • (1) Hose
  • (1) Hose Fitting
  • (1) Product Card
  • (1) Black Cat Sticker

Famous Quotes, by Nobody Famous:

  • “No more soggy seat, thanks Black Cat!"
  • “There are no pee-stops in racing, Black Cat eases the pain, and lets me drain."
  • “Whether in the bar or in the car, Black Cat lets me go."
  • “During the SCORE Baja 500, I peed 5 times, Black Cat, your awesome!"
  • “Black Cat is not a contraceptive, but when used properly, the ending is just as good, aaaaahhhhhhhhhh."
  • “I was scared bears would get me in the woods, so I slid the Black Cat hose outside the tent and voila!"
  • “I bought a Black Cat, and before I got to use it, I had to use the tube as an emergency tourniquet. Black Cat saves bladders and lives!"
  • “I don't recommend using a Black Cat in your living room, my wife was so pissed!"
  • “I was on the job site chatting with one of my coworkers, while peeing on his foot at the same time. It was the funniest thing, but he doesn't talk to me anymore."

Important Information:

  • The Black Cat does not have a reservoir, pee (urine) comes out the hose and must go somewhere
  • Do not ingest any liquids coming from hose
  • Do not use Black Cat as a contraceptive
  • Do not use Black Cat product for illegal drug use
  • Keep away from children, can be a choking hazard (I know, but we have to say it)

Printable Measurement Guide for Correct Fit

Part # Description
PPI-BLACKCAT-28 High Flow External Catheter Kit, 28mm 'Shaft' Dia.
PPI-BLACKCAT-31 High Flow External Catheter Kit, 31mm 'Shaft' Dia.
PPI-BLACKCAT-35 High Flow External Catheter Kit, 35mm 'Shaft' Dia.



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