Winters Performance Replacement Flush Mount Black Multi-Position Shifter Side Plate For Use With Their Console ART-6636-02

The shifter can be removed from Winter's plastic console and mounted directly into your dash or your console. Use the 6636-02 side plates to mount it to any flat surface. The cable guide (gold colored part) can be rotated to several different positions allowing you to mount the shifter in the most comfortable ergonomic position in your offroad race vehicle.

Sold Individualy

Fits Winter's Standard or Lockout Shifters:

107-1 or 107-1B
107-2 or 107-2B
157-1 or 157-1B
157-2 or 157-2B
177-1 or 177-1B
187-1 or 187-1B
197-1 or 197-1B
207-1 or 207-1B
207-2 or 207-2B
257-1 or 257-1B
257-2 or 257-2B
307-1 or 307-1B
307-2 or 307-2B
327-1 or 327-1B
337-1 or 337-1B
357-1 or 357-1B
357-2 or 357-2B
507-1 or 507-1B
507-2 or 507-2B
607-1 or 607-1B


SKU ART-6636-02
Brand Winters
Shipping Weight 0.0100kg
Shipping Width 0.010m
Shipping Height 0.001m
Shipping Length 0.001m