Our Triangulated 4 Link kit is a proven set up for both on-road and off-road. The kit has raced and finished some of the hardest of races. In the On-Road form it has been engineered in every state/territory Australia wide. And like always we do our best to keep as much of our products as home grown as possible, this product is proudly manufactured here in Australia.

This kit leave no guess work. It all self aligns it self to get the perfect location everytime. Simply clean up the area that needs to be welded set it in place and weld the mounts on, Drill one hole, make a couple more welds and your done.

The biggest advantage of a triangulated 4 Link over the traditional 5 link is removing the rear pan hard rod which helps get rid of the some of the poor handling from your patrol. It improved rear suspension geometry offering better roll axis and anti squat than that of the factory 5 link. By removing the pan hard to improve the axle centring under the vehicle in rough terrain Transmits power to the ground more effectively. This kit in short decreases rear steer and increases suspension articulation while giving more predictable handling. 

We use our own heavy walled bush sleeves with only factory Nissan rubber bushes in the bushed options. All steel links are extra thick walled and lower links for added strength have a spine welded its entire length. All Heims joints are DFI brand so you know they are  quality and offers the maximum amount of flex and articulation. 

Please be aware this kit requires welding and should only be installed by a competent fabricator, boilermaker or someone that is experienced in this kind of works. Designfab Industries will assist with all forms of communication and required information that is to be provided to your chosen engineer. Designfab Industries DOES NOT imply or suggest that any of these kits be installed then driven on road without a sign off by a qualified engineer in your state. Before purchasing Designfab Industries highly suggests that you talk to your chosen Engineer to make sure they will pass this kit before purchase.

This kit has everything required to install including all hardware. 

Additional suggestions are to relocate your shock mounts or do a coilover conversion at the same time to unlock this kits full potential. The addition of rear spring brace is recommended as this kit will lead to more flex putting more pressure on chassis mounts leading to the common breakages.

To answer the common questions. Yes you have to remove the Sub tank. Yes you have to replace or modify the chassis cross brace infront of the diff.


The On-Road Kit. (This is the kit that has been passed by engineers across Australia)

This kit is fitted with genuine Nissan bush's all around.  


The Weekender Kit (this kit has been passed by engineers in most states)

This kit is for those daily rigs that want that little bit more. It has Patrol Bush's at one end of the links and DFI 7/8 heim joints at the other


The Budget Built Toy Kit (this kit is not recommended for street use)

This kit uses 7/8 heims at both ends of all 4 links and is a good option for people just getting into the light comp's and for those people with a dedicated play rig.


Entry Level Comp Kit (This kit is for your short course and entry level winch trucks)

This kit uses 1.25 Heims on the lower links and 7/8 heims on the upper links. (*Optional 7075 Alloy Links)


Extreme Comp Kit (This is our battle tested HD winch truck kit)

This kit uses 1.25 heims on both upper and lower links. It also has additional strengthening gussets and tabs included in the kit to make sure you will have confidence in what ever you put this kit through. (*Optional 7075 Alloy Links)


*For optional Alloy links please make contact for this request, Its at no additional cost but can add to lead time.

* All of these kits are designed for 2"-4" of lift if you are running more then that you will need to contact us so as we can make the adjustments for your lift.

*Please allow up to 3 weeks from time of order before dispatch, If lead time is longer you will be advised within 24hours of placing order.


SKU DFI_Patrol4Link
Shipping Weight 70.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.100m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.500m
Shipping Cubic 0.320000000m3