We have put a lot of time and money into the development of a Australian designed, Mostly Australian manufactured Sway bar. The only part that is not made here in Australia is the heim joints and that is only because there isn’t a company here in Australia that currently manufacture them.
Unlike most of our competitors here in Australia we have not simply renamed a Curry Sway bar or simply made arms to suit a Curry bar. We have completely redesigned the entire product. We tracked down a custom torsion bar manufacturer here in Australia. The company has over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing torsion bars and sway bars for Rally cars, Sprint cars and drag cars. Using published information, testing and information gathered by inspecting broken sway bars combined with their experience I believe DFI have a superior product to anything offered in the same price range.
We basically upgraded everything offered on the common swaybar kits. Simple upgrades like Alloy arm thats are 26mm thick. Upgraded from single sheer cheap non heat treated rose joints to 5/8" or optional 3/4” heat treated cromoly heim joint that will be double sheer at both ends of the link.
Our link material is CDS tube not a threaded rod.
The torsion bar of the sway bar are slowly heat treated not flash heated doing this creates a longer lasting tension that is less likely to develop a memory. After heat treating they are machined again to produce a smooth surface. This extra process removes all the weak points allowing it to work harder and last longer.
Our sway bars are offered in a light medium and a HD torsion bar strength. The standard will be slightly stiffer than a Curry prouct our Medium will be about 25% stiffer, the HD is 80% stiffer.
The On road setup is designed for vehicles with up to 14" of travel and our off road setup is for vehicles with more than 14" of travel.

Ones again thank you all for the support if you have any qestions please do not hessitate to ask any questions.


SKU DFI-Swaybar
Brand DesignFab Industries
Shipping Weight 1.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 0.010m
Shipping Length 0.400m