We have put a lot of time into developing these sway bars that are manufactured, designed and tested right here in Australia. We are proud to say we are selling our own product that we designed from the ground up. After dealing with multiple failures selling the common brands we put the time, research, blood, sweat and tears into eliminating all of the flaws we found in the common designs to be able to give you what we believe to be one of the best torsion bar style sway bar kits available.


The arms are machined using only the highest grade alloy to be able to be durable enough to handle the finer spline design our torsion bars use. This alloy is significantly stronger then 7075 and is specifically used to manufacture fasteners in the aerospace industry. This alloy is used in the Aerospace industry because of its ability to keep its strength as a fine thread under pressure like we use on the Torsion bar.


Our torsion bars took over 12 months of testing to find the perfect material. After testing 6 different materials through different levels of heat treatment. We found what we think to be the best all around material that allows far superior twist before breakage and lack of memory. All of our torsion bars are heat treated and straightened prior to machining  to insure they do not hold a case hardening that often is a cause to the failure of a lesser quality bar. We have also used a much finer spline as to eliminate the depth the spline was being cut into the bar as we found this to be the second highest point of failure on most other bars. Unlike most of the lesser quality torsion bars all of our bars are machined at a higher speed at a slower feed rate giving the bars a much smoother finish, some of our shorter bars almost have a mirror finish. This is because we found that the lack of finish on the lesser bars was the number one cause of failure often resulting in a rotational like fracture that starts in these roughly machined surfaces.


One of the best parts about our kits is the fact that the torsion bars are made right here in Queensland we can make them 100% custom to suit your needs.


With well over 500 of our kits and counting sold in the market place we believe these sway bars can be used to make just about anything ride better. While most of our kits have found their ways on to comp trucks ranging from the top Ultra4s, rock crawlers and winch trucks there has been a fair few find their way onto fully engineered road registered cars in every state in Australia. But it doesn't stop there we have fitted these things to tradesman trailers, Drag cars, mud racers, Cam-Am's, RZR's and we have even made custom one to fit Trophy Trucks.    


The Slim arm is designed for vehicles that have to run the sway bar arms on the outside of the chassis. It was designed to handle up to 14" of travel but has been fitted to cars with up to 18" of travel but care needs to be taken to not over extend the heim at the arm.


Common fitment sizes.

50" bar is to suit Patrol rear.

48" bar is to suit Hilux 05+

45" bar is to suit Landcuiser 40, 70, 75, 78 & 79 series


This kit comes complete with the following.

2x DFI slimline arms

1x DFI torsion bar

4x DFI heim joints with jam nuts, spacers and bungs 

1x length of 1.75" x .102 CDS tube to mount the torsion bar

1x 800mm long 1.25" x .120 chromally tube to make custom length links 

2x HDPE bush's

2x arm/heim retainer plates

4x diff mounting tabs

1x Fasteners kit that includes everything needed



SKU DFI-Patrol-Swaybar
Shipping Weight 19.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.300m
Shipping Height 0.160m
Shipping Length 0.160m
Shipping Cubic 0.033280000m3