If you’re looking to build your own upper/lower arms, spindles or links we have what you’re looking for. We CNC machine our uniball cups in-house from US 4130 chromoly, not cheap mild steel or imported materials. Unlike most other companies we also machine the OD of the cup to remove the material scale/finish for better welding. Don’t pay more for something less. We designed our cups for maximum mis-alignment and strength. These can be MIG or TIG welded and also heat-treated after final fabrication.

We have 3 versions available in our 1″ cups, the wider sizes are typically used for lower control arms or lower links for maximum weld attachment. The 1.25″ and 1.50″ come in one standard size.

Refer to our sizing chart for specific dimensions.

(Sold Individually | Does Not Include Snap Ring or Bearing)


SKU CAM-040080