DesignFab was the first to offer these HDPE poly Anti-Coning rings for our beadlock kits.

These rings come in a set of four that are cut and optimized for cheaper shipping. One (1) set of rings will allow the fitment of One (1) beadlock kit.

The Anti Coning Rings are ideal as they are the same thickness as your tyres sidewall and will help maintain a strong clamping force on your beadlocked wheels and prevent air leaks or outer ring deformation.

Sold per wheel

These are designed to be used with DFI Steel beadlock kits. They are not compatable with most others.

The 17" allied ones are spacicically made to suit Allied, Dynamic and Gecko factory welded beadlocks. Please not to use this style conning ring on these rims you must replace the clamping outer ring with a flat cur steel ring like used on our kits.


SKU dfi-cr
Brand DesignFab Industries